Eyes on the Stars

stars_in_your_eyesHumanity, since the moment it crawled out of the primordial state, has been a creature driven by curiosity and the desire to better itself and the world around it. From the discovery of fire to the first moment when a man walked on the moon, it has never lost its focus, that of discovery and exploration. The very nature of man is what got society to the level it is today, it is not perfect, but it is grand. Where would humanity be if it hadn’t left familiar grounds in search of better lands? If the likes of Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan wouldn’t have set sail on their wooden ships? If Armstrong and Aldrin wouldn’t have made it to the moon?

It should be remembered that humanity is also a virtue, and that virtue includes a great many things, amongst which is the desire of going just one step forward, now, that next step further lies amongst the stars. There was a time when humans could not explain those bright spots in the night sky, the world was flat and you could fall off the edge. Up there, it was no place for man, as it was the home of the gods and the only way to get there was by their will. Religious beliefs were created in order to explain the unexplainable, storms, eclipses, and drought, all of these must have been the will of the gods. With time and further development, men went to the home of the gods and found something that for many is much more magnificent, a whole universe ripe for exploration.

The sheer size of the cosmos fascinates the minds of even the most brilliant, and with infinite discoveries to be made, new technologies through new elements, new cures for diseases, new ways of providing clean energy. If there is a future for humanity, it is up there.