How Can Communication Between the Living and Dead Validated?

man_upHuman communication usually takes place between one or two people where they exchange information about different things. This can be the verbal communication where people use words to exchange messages. Nonverbal communication is another form of communication that involves the use of signs and gestures to exchange messages between two or more people. However, there is another form of communication that has been contested by other people as invalid which takes place between the living and dead. In other words, this is spiritual communication that involves living people communicating with spirits or angels of dead people.

Some people claim that spiritual communication is very important in their lives and there some people from other cultures and religions who periodically consult fortune tellers for different things in their lives. These people are of the opinion that fortune tellers predict certain events correctly hence they should be consulted for guidance in matters of concern. Whilst some people believe that superstition is at play to drive others into believing in fortune tellers, there are other individuals who give credit to them.

Just like any other social science subject, this practice needs to be investigated in order see if communication between the dead and the living can be validated under the conditions that are controlled. The aim would be to prove the validity of the claims that fortune tellers can predict certain things correctly. If this can be proved to be true, then a holistic approach would be required to establish institutions that can take a leading role in recruiting people who can undertake studies in this area, since it is very important in their lives. There are certain incidences that result in loss of lives, but could have been prevented if they had been foreseen. Disaster measures can be put in place once fortune tellers have prophesied certain events.