Leaving Home

636048380911473810-1543016982_635940393102058247896633688_deathtostock_wired5-1280x852The world of today is more aware of itself than it has ever been. Long past are the days of blissful ignorance of what was going on behind the horizon. There are forces in this universe that can blink humanity out of existence in an instant; it has happened before when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and it can happen again. Countless movies, books and games have been imagined with a focus on the vastness of the universe and the countless possibilities that exist within it. These creations are not meant only to be successful at the box office for instance, but they also serve to inspire current and future generations of children, as they will be the ones who will inherit the world of tomorrow.

Today a large number of scientists, engineers and philanthropist work together in a common goal of ensuring that there is a future for humanity, out there amongst the stars. It is hard not to be inspired by the beauty of the unknown that lies beyond Earth, and those very aforementioned people were the children that grew up watching Kirk and Picard lead their crews further into that very same unknown.

In order for such a future to come to fruition it will be necessary for the best of humanity to step forward and take up this challenge unto themselves, with the rest supporting them. It should be reminded that perhaps one day, into the future, Earth will not be able to protect life as it has done so far. In order to ensure the continuous existence of humans as a species, there is a real need to search for a different home, for as long as it resides on only one planet it is vulnerable. Luckily the first steps have already been taken for that very goal, with new propulsion technologies and shielding advancements that are being made, new spacecraft are already on the drawing board.