Human history is full of conflict, tragedy and despair, but one should not lose hope and get lost in the needless violence and fear, as good can come even from the darkest of times. An example of this was found during the Cold War. There is no question about it; living under constant threat of nuclear disaster was horrendous, especially during the Cuban Missile Crisis when the world came very close to destruction. At the same time, however, that rivalry that existed between the United States and the Soviet Union gave birth to some of the most impressive pieces of technology that the world had ever seen at the time.

With the launch of the first human satellite, Sputnik, the gauntlet had been thrown and the United States was there to pick it up. Test after test, launch after launch, constantly trying to finally beat their rival, the two superpowers jumped human technology decades if not more. It is amazing to remember that in the span of a few decades, it went from launching the first man-made object into the planet’s orbit, to men walking and driving on the moon. That is what the human mind can achieve if its ambitions are supported and financed.

It is more important now than ever before to remember the importance of the space race in the collective mind of humanity as a whole, how crucial it is to set goals that can be achieved and surpassed in order not to stagnate. The space industry now looks much different than it did in the past decades, as more and more private companies enter the business to reach for the stars. There are many lucrative opportunities to be taken advantage of out there, from mining to colonization, to discoveries that can be patented and sold, and because of this, more and more companies are investing heavily in this area.