The Universal Patterns

flower-of-life-jpegThe quest as to why the universe is orderly is quite legitimate. And it is only fair that this quest will not cease. The laws of life and laws of nature have baffled scientists. Some questions still remain that, such as is there a meaning to life and is there a particular purpose why man is here on earth?

Some philosophers would answer yes, arguing that from the movement of the universe, to every single occurrence, nothing would be possible if it was not masterminded by a certain force. The movement, pattern and rhythm of the luminaries is nothing in the range of chaos. The cosmos is in many ways perfect. Knowing more about the universe, the design and pattern which it demonstrates, the pattern followed by animals or even the pattern in which the human body operates, will for some be taken as an indication that the existence of humanity might not by coincidental. The most important thing is, there is an order and this fact is particularly astonishing.

From the scariest events like the tornadoes and the earthquakes, to the most beautiful occurrences, like the northern lights and the rainbows. The uniqueness in the nature of all things created is indescribable. If the very human nature is programmed in a certain pattern, then it is no surprise that humanity has taken to live in similar patterns. And nothing has been able or will ever be able to alter this pattern.

The father of the theory of relativity and modern physics, Albert Einstein, described the presence of order and determinism in the universe with his famous quote “God does not play dice.” His meaning of this quote was that if research progressed, even the behaviour of subatomic particles described by quantum mechanics would take on deterministic behaviour, rather than displaying traits of randomness and chance. However, games available on Blackjack are exclusively games of chance.